We can always watch and keep alert whenever you cannot.
SR Security Services provides mobile patrol and emergency
services at cost effective and competitive rates.
SIA licensed and professionally trained for Commercial security
Retail security Event Stewarding Car park and other security needs.
Let us help you with our stewarding services for exhibitions,
concerts, sporting events, product launches & private parties.
High standard and professional Alarm Response and
Keyholding Services.
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Our remote video monitoring, controlled from our state-of-the-art control centre, provides real-time recording and instant alerts which when combined with a professionally delivered and monitored remote monitoring service, the value of each uniquely designed CCTV system is raised to a new level by providing all the benefits of a manned on-site presence at a fraction of the cost on every day of the year and every hour of the day.

CCTV Monitoring

Any incidents are recorded and examined in real-time and our highly trained operators can immediately contact the relevant authorities whilst compiling high quality video evidence. A remotely monitored system will deter crime but will still provide a high level of security where 24/7 static guarding is impractical or not cost effective. The applications are limitless either for outdoor or indoor monitoring and large areas or separate buildings can be constantly remotely monitored 365 days a year. Remote video monitoring can not only be used for security but for other applications such as watching automatic processes when there are no staff members on site.

Remote video monitoring reduces the amount of time spent on wasted false alarms as our highly trained operators can assess each situation and immediately decide whether the authorities need to be alerted and dispatched or if our mobile patrols can attend and deal with the incident.

We can always watch and keep alert whenever you cannot.

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