We can always watch and keep alert whenever you cannot.
SR Security Services provides mobile patrol and emergency
services at cost effective and competitive rates.
SIA licensed and professionally trained for Commercial security
Retail security Event Stewarding Car park and other security needs.
Let us help you with our stewarding services for exhibitions,
concerts, sporting events, product launches & private parties.
High standard and professional Alarm Response and
Keyholding Services.
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The SR parking operation is based at our Lichfield office with a team that have a combined 30 years of experience in providing a parking managing service to the commercial, education and residential sectors. SR Security are members of the British Parking Association (BPA) and hold the BPA Approved Operator Scheme (AOS) working to the BPA Code of Practice. SR also actively promote the Park Mark award Scheme and the Disabled Parking Award (DPA)

Service with a difference

Pay Your Parking Ticket SR Parking supply a proactive management service ensuring that all stake holders benefit with the intention to educate rather than have the reputation of “out for the money” Where possible we use the security staff on site to issue the Parking Charge Notice (PCN). This allows the breach of the Terms and Conditions (T&C’’s) to be dealt with at the time rather than waiting for a warden and gives security a further tool in the box. If the site does not have security, we have trained the Client staff both in the code of practice but also in conflict management to issue PCN’s.

Our staff training program is considered as “Best Practice” on all our AOS Audits.

The signage used to display the T&C’s are clear and placed so as the public can see and read when parking on private land.

The back office staff are trained in customer service and talk to people as people, they are fully conversant with the code of practice and the individual sites T&C’s allowing them to converse with the public in an individual manner relating to any appeal, enquiry, or misunderstanding which in itself promotes the service.

Charges used are below the highest charge allowed by the Code of Practices £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days

We charge £80 reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days. This lower rate educates the public but is not so much that it causes major animosity.

Our appeals department applies common sense to  the individual appeal and, again talk to people as people and fully advise the individual on their right to take the appeal the Parking On Private Land appeals service (POPLA)

The industry norm with POPLA is around 60/40 in favour of public because we

  • Train the staff
  • Have clear signage on the sites
  • Back office staff have knowledge of the individual sites
  • We talk to people as people
  • We are not seen as money for money sake
  • We are proactive in our approach

Our own stats are 80/20 to us and the individual car parks and users of the car park see the benefits.


We identify that each site is different, the individual Clients requirements are different, the revenue potential of each site is different we offer an open flexible approach to set up cost and revenue share.

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